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Feedback Surveys, Rewards, Spot Bonuses, 360 Reviews, Goal/Target Setting, 1:1 Feedback

All conveniently on your phone

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Simplifying employee engagement:

Employee engagement at your fingertips

Performance management on your phone, done in less than 5 mins.

High touch and easy to use

Get real time feedback about your employees' performance and happiness.

Take the work out of engagement and rewards

Designed to make managing employees quick, convenient, and low-effort for both you and your team.

Tools for employees, no matter where they are

Our mobile apps allow you to manage and engage with your employees. Anytime, anywhere. 

Give your employees a boost

Our designs are backed by years of research in performance management, so that your employees can be happier and more productive. 

Customizable to suit the unique needs of your teams.

We designed Attune with all types of businesses in mind. Our tools let you tailor the app to the needs of your team!

Manage your check-ins

Our weekly 1:1s make it simple for managers to get a pulse on team health and employees. Easily keep track of individual team members and praise employees when it's due.

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Research-backed surveys

Attune is backed by years of research and inspired by employee engagement systems used by companies such as Google to manage it’s globally distributed workforce.

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Encourage good work

Positive feedback is key. Use praises to let employees know what they did well, quickly and easily.

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Stay in touch easily

Searchable profiles help employees communicate with one another and get in touch quickly.

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Designed for Mobile

You and your team are always on the go! Get Attune on your phone so that you can focus on your employees while going about your busy day.

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Maximize your team's potential

Take the stress out of feedback

Performance reviews often give employees anxiety. We make the process stress-free while getting you the honest feedback you need.

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Convenient and efficient

Nobody likes lengthy employer surveys. Save time with a seamless, automated and easy to use perf platform.

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Increase Retention

Employees never have to feel out of loop. We provide cohesive framework to keep employees engaged and motivated.

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Recognize Talent

Continuous goal setting makes it easier to identify and reward high performing employees.

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Built by industry experts from Google, Amazon and Microsoft

We’re a group of passionate product experts with combined 20+ years of experience managing employee engagement across industries.

Attune is inspired by performance management systems used at companies like Amazon to manage it’s distributed workforce.

Employee engagement made easy.

Trusted by users in 10 different countries, we make managing your team a joy.

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No credit cards, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases necessary.

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